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  • Workshop: Seeking Balance in 2023 (Free to Subscribers)

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    The middle way is one that seems to be...

  • Workshop: Seeking Balance

    The middle way is one that seems to be more and more elusive. In a world filled with extremes, people report feeling discouraged, defeated, irritated and out of sorts, along with a lowered sense of a shrinking sphere of influence.

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  • This Week's Workouts

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    A collection of new and popular titles you can press play on this week!
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  • The Ultimate Pre/Postnatal Collection

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    Here's where you can find pre and postnatal friendly workouts from your fave Dragonfly instructors!

  • 4-Weeks to a Perfect Push Up

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    In just four weeks, you too can rock a perfect push up - and have fun learning how too! Meranda will walk you through proper form, help you isolate and improve the muscles you need to perform a push up, and show you some fun new ways to rock push ups you've probably never tried!

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