Suki's Foundation Flows 1-4

Suki's Foundation Flows 1-4

Enjoy four foundational flow classes led by Suki:
Foundation Flow 1: Mountain Pose
Foundation Flow 2: Forward Folds and Twists
Foundation Flow 3: Chaturanga (Yoga Push-up)
Foundation Flow 4: Backbends

Suki's Foundation Flows 1-4
  • 45 Minute Flow with Suki (Foundation 1: Mountain Pose)

    In this foundational Flow class, Suki's focus is on Mountain Pose. It might look like you’re just standing there, but Mountain Pose — Tadasana (tah-DAHS-uh-nuh) — is an active pose that helps improve posture, balance, and calm focus. Mountain is the foundational pose for all standing yoga posture...

  • 45 Minute Flow with Suki (Foundation 2: Forward Folds and Twists)

    Join Suki for her masterful flow class focusing on the foundation of forward folds and twists!
    Some benefits of forward folds include:
    -Stretches the hips, hamstrings, and calves
    -Strengthens the thighs and knees
    -Keeps your spine strong and flexible
    -Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and fati...

  • 45 Minute Flow with Suki (Foundation 3: Chaturanga/Yoga Push-up)

    Join Suki in this vinyasa flow class that focusses on on the yoga push-up or chaturanga. In Wisconsin, we like to call them cheddarangas :).

    Chaturanga is a common posture in our flow classes, as it is a transition pose between plank pose and upward-facing dog.
    Chaturanga strengthens the arms, s...

  • 55 Minute Flow with Suki (Foundation 4: Backbends)

    Suki's masterful classes focus on alignment and and really living in the poses. In this Flow class, the foundational focus is backbends. The word "backbend" can sound intimidating, but don't worry, these backbends are accessible and you can always modify!

    Yoga backbends are one of the main categ...